Hi, I'm Tharid
a developer, writer, and creator. I work at C⊙rnflakecode as a Solutions Architect. You’ve found my personal slice of the internet.

Where I worked

  • Cysec as an intern for the summer, working on cybersecurity and software development (summer 2020, 2 months)
  • JE EPFL as a freelancer for a full stack web project (summer 2019, 2 months)
  • JE EPFL as a freelancer for a blockchain project (winter 2018, 2 months)
  • Summus as co-founder for a B2B software company (2017 - 2019, 2 years)
  • Leflair in Vietnam as an intern for the summer, working on improving their ERP (summer 2017, 2 months)
  • AGEPoly as IT manager (2015 - 2017, 2 years)

What I accomplished

What I coded

  • concrete.css a simple and to the point CSS microframework, powering this site
  • repfl a web app to find a free room at EPFL
  • reeq a ultra simple, ultra light, dependency-free and tree-shakeable HTTP client for the browser, made with JSON in mind
  • Neo Caritas a smart contract & interface for providing reliable income to NGOs on the NEO Blockchain, winner of Start Hack 2018
  • The Open Times an autonomous and peer reviewed journal built upon the Colony platform, built at ETHBERLIN 2018
  • blinc.click an incremental game on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Spydeer a web app that keeps a log of the people who connected to your local network

What I can do

  • Javascript (React, Node)
  • Go
  • Python (Django, NumPy, SciKit)
  • C / C++
  • Docker
  • Blockchain (Ethereum, Neo)
  • Style with CSS
  • Scala

What I love

  • Reading
  • Running
  • Coding stuff
  • Playing music (find Louis Merlin on your favorite streaming platform)
  • Making friends

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